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Our Services

Stu3 provides Higher Education Institutions with expert independent consultancy services for every aspect of student record keeping – with a focus on the SITS:Vision system.


Proven expertise in designing and delivering an academic model to reflect your institution’s academic provision – for both ‘courses’ and ‘modules’ – taking into account when and where they run and ensuring alignment with your institution’s regulations.


We have a wide range of experience in the area of assessments, including setting up the key Module Assessment Pattern records to facilitate the capture and processing of results, and providing solutions to disseminate assessment results to students, staff and to integrated systems.


Know-how in defining progression and award rules which align with your institution’s regulations, taking into account any variations and derivations as are often presented by certain course types.

We have experience in building the automation routines to manage the outcomes of progression and ensuring students’ records are updated accordingly for continued enrolment.


All of our consultants are experts in the best-practice use of the SITS development tool-kit: including using SRL, Vista and e:Vision tasking to deliver solutions to meet your exact requirements.

Additionally we have specialist consultants with advanced skills in areas such as :

  • SQL (Oracle and SQL Server)
  • JavaScript
  • Bootstrap
  • JQuery
  • StuTalk
  • XML & JSON

We can provide solutions for all your Graduation and Ceremonies management system needs, including ticket booking, online payment facilities, and student communication tools: all based around the use of efficient e:Vision tasks to provide the student with a smooth and highly professional graduation experience.


We are experienced in delivering bespoke user-friendly solutions for submitting and processing proposed changes to controlled curriculum content with approval workflows, tracking changes, version control, publishing, automated updates of associated data, with notifications and communications to relevant stakeholders.


We have extensive experience in delivering admissions solutions, particularly with Direct applicants through the IPP tool.

For the application stage: building responsive application forms, delivering smooth and efficient processes for agents and referees to engage with applications via eVision, building applicant portals, and managing application fees.

We have configured application assessment stage solutions using SITS tools and process manager – including workflows to deliver application forms to decision makers, allowing online decision entry, and managing the applicant communications – all as part of one seamless efficient process.

Stu3 and QuickThink Cloud have partnered to create a SITS cloud hosting solution that offers Higher Education establishments robust, secure, high performance SITS environments. HEIʼs can enjoy all the advantages and cost savings of a move to the cloud whilst avoiding the potential pitfalls associated with taking a combined cloud hosting/software option from the software vendor directly. With our expert knowledge each customer gets their own private cloud, making cloud hosting a simple and affordable option

SITS Cloud Hostings


Whether you are looking to deliver a new piece of functionality or deliver a complete student system implementation.
We can help plan and manage the initiation and delivery.………………………………………………


Using SITS e:vision tasking tools we have delivered a wide range of student enrolment tasks for HEIs, including ‘pre-enrolment’ tasks for applicants with firmly accepted unconditional offers, in-person enrolment tasks for staff to ensure a consistency of approach during enrolment sessions, and online ‘re-enrolment’ tasks for continuing students to confirm their information and accept terms and conditions.

All statutory requirements are integrated into the process to allow for external reporting requirements to both HESA and the UKVI.

We also integrate the Module Registration solution into the enrolment workflow, as well as a seamless Fees and Online Payment solution for both self-paying and sponsored students.

Also using tasking and the automation routines provided in the SITS application we deliver functionality for students to request changes such as course transfers, suspension of studies and withdrawals.

These solutions ensure that all appropriate academic and administrative records are updated, and any downstream systems also receive the relevant updates.


We have the UK’s leading consultant expert in the Fees, Funding, and Finance (SAM) areas of the SITS system, and can deliver everything from a Full Fees, Funding and SAM implementation – to simple solutions to enhance your current system with the latest staff and student e:Vision processes.

We specialise in improving the efficiency and accuracy of the Fees calculation process, designing online student fees process and statements, setting up online card payment PSP interfaces, installment processes, and ensuring your payment and debt chasing is efficient and easy to manage.

We also provide a Finance Health-Check service for long-standing SITS sites to review your current set-up and provide a detailed report on how best to improve your Fees, Funding and SAM processes.


Services must achieve WCAG 2.1 level AA as part of meeting government accessibility requirements.

We can guarantee that our eVision pages (and any other web content we produce) meet these requirements.

We also provide consultations, analytical and developmental services to identify and fix existing web content accessibility issues.


Our Interface consultants are exceptional. We have recently managed a full interface re-implementation for a HEI who changed their faculty structure and academic model, providing an end-to-end service to specify, amend, test, and release into production the necessary changes for over 40 interfaces.

We also provide extensive reporting solutions from within the SITS system using SRLs (including embedded SQL via RQH), as well as provide assistance with the set-up of reporting solutions using external reporting tools working directly on the SITS database or via an external data warehouse facility to incorporate cross-system reporting functionality.


Using ­Axiom software we offer a complete reporting and planning solution. Axiom is used worldwide by more than 50 Universities including UCL.

Axiom offers a functionally rich intuitive approach to reporting, forecasting and planning for Higher Education.

Cloud based on Microsoft’s Azure platform it provides a secure, flexible­ and configurable solution.

Data can be integrated directly from any data source including your Finance, Student and HR systems and also from Excel and other flat files.

From facilitating cross system reporting and dashboards through to enabling key decision makers to utilise its data to make decisions, model, and scenario plan it provides a fully integrated package to help drive key decisions in Higher Education.

Existing clients use Axiom in conjunction with Tribal SITS, Ellucian Banner, Oracle EBS, SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, Workday and many more data sources.

Axiom are committed to providing long term assistance with your reporting and planning requirements with a commitment to Higher Education here in the UK and in the US. Rated #1 in product Satisfaction from Gartner, #1 in Support for Complex Financial Budgets and Plans from Gartner and a Highly Rated EPM Vendor from BPM Partners.

For more information on the software please see https://axiomepm.co.uk/industries/


Due to reasons such as illness, bereavement, stress, or even just internet connectivity issues during online assessments, there can be mitigating factors and extenuating circumstances for students to cope with. These will need to be addressed by student support teams and handled as effectively as possible by all universities.

Stu3 have developed an eVision-based mitigating circumstances solution for students and staff that we are making available free of charge to all universities. The solution allows students to submit and track mitigating circumstances claims against individual student modules (SMR) or their assessment components (SAS). Staff are then able to review and update the claims. We are available to help with any questions your technical team may have.

We bring extensive experience and professionalism to every project